Asif Mahmood For Insurance Commissioner



Michael Tubbs

Mayor of Stockton

“I am thrilled to announce my support for Dr. Asif Mahmood in his campaign for Insurance Commissioner. Dr. Mahmood is a career-long physician with unrivaled knowledge of the insurance industry and its problems. He will stand up to companies that are nickel-and-diming the people of Stockton and California.”

Endorsement_ LA City Councilmember_ David Ryu

David Ryu

LA City Council Member

“Dr. Mahmood is a long time advocate of universal access to healthcare and equality, and will fight to make sure that Californians have equal access to care- regardless of gender identity or immigration status,” said Councilmember Ryu. “I’m endorsing Asif Mahmood to be California’s next Insurance Commissioner because we need someone who will fight for our communities and not the special interests.”


Kathy Watanabe

Vice Mayor of Santa Clara

“Public service is an awesome responsibility and opportunity. Dr. Asif Mahmood understands this and is answering the call of service for Californians. Dr. Mahmood is a highly skilled physician and advocate who instills confidence in all who work with him and builds coalitions to win. His work to help increase access to healthcare, to celebrate diversity and immigrant families, to protect Californians from disasters and to stop predatory companies make him a tremendous asset to the state government. I am pleased to endorse Dr. Mahmood and look forward to seeing what he will accomplish.”


East Area Progressive Democrats

“The members of East Area Progressive Democrats are pleased to endorse Dr. Asif Mahmood for Insurance Commissioner. His firsthand knowledge of healthcare policy, independence, and passion for genuine oversight through government to serve ordinary Californians, not profit-takers or Sacramento favor-seekers, make him a fitting successor to Dave Jones. He is the kind of Democrat we need in public service for Californians. At a time when attacks on diversity and pluralism echo from the Oval Office and the Republican Party, we are proud to stand with Dr. Mahmood in his quest to make history as the first Muslim to win statewide office in America. Yes, he can. And yes, we can.”

We're on Team Asif

  • Betty Yee

    CA State Controller

  • Judy Chu

    U.S. Congresswoman

  • Ro Khanna

    U.S. Congressman

  • Ted Lieu

    U.S. Congressman

  • Brad Sherman

    U.S. Congressman

  • Jim Costa

    U.S. Congressman

  • Dennis J. Kucinich

    US Congressman (Ret.)

  • Chris Holden

    State Assembly Member

  • Michael Tubbs

    Mayor of Stockton

  • Terry Tornek

    Mayor of Pasadena

  • Jean Quan

    Mayor of Oakland (Ret.)

  • Ali Sajjad Taj

    Mayor of Artesia

  • Andrew Medellin

    Mayor of Medera

  • Jose Gurrola

    Mayor of Arvin

  • Sam Hindi

    Mayor of Foster City

  • Alan l. Nagy

    Mayor of Newark

  • Erin Hannigan

    Solano County Supervisor

  • Malia Cohen

    San Francisco Supervisor

  • David Ryu

    Los Angeles City Councilmember

  • Mike Eng

    Los Angeles Community College District, Board of Trustees

  • Lynette Gibson McElhaney

    Oakland Councilmember

  • Lee Thomas

    San Leandro Councilmember

  • Ed Hernandez

    San Leandro Councilmember

  • Monica Wilson

    Antioch Councilmember

  • Ben Bartlett

    Berkeley Councilmember

  • Ali Saleh

    Bell Councilmember

  • Raj Salwan

    Fremont Councilmember

  • Richelle Noroyan

    Santa Cruz Councilmember

  • Larry Spicer

    Monrovia Councilmember

  • Jason Pu

    San Gabriel Councilmember

  • Jose Ornelas

    San Joaquin Councilmember

  • Al Austin

    Long Beach City Councilmember

  • Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

    City of Alameda Councilmember

  • Espiridion Sandoval

    Kerman Councilmember

  • Melissa Hurtado

    Sanger Councilmember

  • Lawrence Carr

    Sacramento Councilmember

  • Tejinder Dhami

    Fremont Human Relations Commissioner

  • Sarabjit Kaur Cheema

    U.S. President of the NHUSD Governing Board of Union City

  • David Isom

    Farfield-Suisun Unified School District President

  • Dr. Angelov Farooq

    Riverside Unified School District Clerk

  • Jumoke Hinton Hodge

    Oakland Unified School District Board Vice President

  • James Harris

    Oakland Unified School District Board Trustee

  • Doretta Thompson

    Eastside Union School District Vice President

  • Shamann Walton

    San Francisco Board of Education Commissioner

  • Ruben Zarate

    Labor Relations Representative, Laborers International Union

  • Bishop Juan Carlos Mendez

    Founder of Churches in Action and a leader of the Los Angeles Interfaith Council

  • Brandon Vang

    Sanger Unified School District Trustee

  • Paul Dictos

    Fresno County Assessor-Recorder of Fresno County

  • Darren Parker

    California Democratic Party, African American Caucus Chair/Regional Director Region 9

  • Jimmie Woods-Gray

    Los Angeles County DCC, Chair (Ret.)

  • Humberto Gomez, Jr.

    California Democratic Party, Regional Director, Region 8

  • Michael Evans

    Chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party Central Committee

  • Magdalena Gomez

    Second Vice Chair of the Fresno County Democratic Party Central Committee

  • Cecily Harris

    San Mateo County Central Committee Chair

  • Humberto M. Gomez

    United Farm Workers Representative and Laborers International Union North America (Ret.)

  • Farrah Khan

    South Orange County Democratic Party, Vice Chair

  • Taisha Brown

    San Diego County Democratic Party, Central Area, Vice Chair

  • Skylar Tempel

    Vice Chair, Riverside Democratic Party

  • Karen Bernal

    California Democratic Party, Progressive Caucus Chair

  • Basim Elkarra

    California Democratic Party Affirmative Action Committee, Chair

  • Eric Sunderland

    California Democratic Party, Regional Director, Region 3

  • Leah Taylor Pimentel

    San Francisco Democratic Party

  • Rosemary Wrenn

    San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party, Chair

  • East Area Progressive Democrats

  • Culver City Democratic Club

  • New Frontiers Democratic Club

  • Los Angeles Sentinel

  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s Northern California District

  • San Francisco Richmond District Democratic Club

  • Black Women of Political Action (BWOPA-PAC)

  • Armenian Democratic Liberal Party, Western Region

  • Napa Valley Young Democrats

  • Evolve CA

  • 314 Action

  • Korean American Democratic Committee

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