Dr. Asif Mahmood Continues to Line Up NorCal Endorsements

Dr. Asif Mahmood’s campaign for Insurance Commissioner continues to rack up influential endorsements around the state, including three new endorsements from Northern California:
  • San Francisco Supervisor Malia Cohen
  • Vice Mayor of Santa Clara, Kathy Watanabe
  • Sacramento Councilmember Lawrence Carr
Supervisor Malia Cohen said “Dr. Asif Mahmood is the best choice for Insurance Commissioner. He will be a powerful advocate for immigrants, women, children and all Californians. Dr. Mahmood has the vision, passion and experience to stand up to insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies to fight for a better future for everyone. I am proud to endorse Dr. Asif Mahmood for Insurance Commissioner.”
“Dr. Asif Mahmood will make an exceptional Insurance Commissioner. We need leadership attuned to the needs of Californians, infused with a deep sense of service and the proven ability to manage a team. Dr. Mahmood is a leader true to the vision of one society with a shared responsibility to advance the common good and improve healthcare and lead California to single payer.” said Sacramento Councilmember Lawrence Carr. “He will be a trustworthy and extremely effective leader for all Californians. Time and time again, it’s Dr. Mahmood who has stood up for patients, seniors, people who were sick, without hope, or facing discrimination. I am proud to endorse Dr. Mahmood to be California’s next Insurance Commissioner.”
Dr. Mahmood stated, “As the Primary grows closer, my supporters remind me daily why this position is so important. Californians need access to affordable and quality healthcare. Californians need protection from natural disasters and predatory insurance companies. They need access to mental healthcare, children’s healthcare, and women’s reproductive health care. I will continue to fight every day, past the Primary and General elections, to make sure my fellow Californians get the care and protections they deserve. I want to be your Insurance Commissioner because I believe that helping others is our highest calling, and through this office I will be able to help millions of Californians live more secure, healthy lives.”
Dr. Asif Mahmood has worked as a doctor of internal medicine for almost two decades, serving countless patients in his practice and at free clinics. After seeing the struggle of so many Californians who are unable to afford care, Dr. Mahmood made it a rule in his hospital practice –if a patient doesn’t have insurance, his office won’t ask for payment. He has also promised to not take any campaign funding from pharmaceutical, insurance, tobacco or oil companies.