Dr. Asif Mahmood Switches Campaign to Insurance Commissioner

In a letter to supporters today, Dr. Asif Mahmood announced that he will be running for Insurance Commissioner in 2018 instead of Lieutenant Governor. Dr. Mahmood begins his Insurance Commissioner campaign in a position of strength, with support already solidified across the state and around $1 million to transfer into the new account.

“I have based my life’s work on a single principle taught to me by my parents: that helping others is our highest calling. As a lifelong physician, I’ve seen my patients’ struggles – ranging from insurance coverage issues, prescription drug issues, in- and out-of-network issues, follow-up issues, and support beyond medical care. And I am proud to say that I have never asked for reimbursement from any patient who does not have insurance.

“Above everything else, I want to help Californians, and being Insurance Commissioner is the best way to help the most people.

“As Insurance Commissioner, I’ll take on Pharmaceutical companies who are putting profits before people. And I’ll fight for Medicare for all – so everyone who seeks health care can do so without fear of losing their life’s savings.

“My values are the same now as they have always been – as a Muslim immigrant from this great blue state of CA, I’m a triple threat to Donald Trump. While he has been spending his days trying to repeal Obamacare, I have been working with thousands of patients who can barely afford treatment. I’m going to give a voice to all of those people he is trying to silence.

“Let’s get tough on the right things – on hate, division, poverty and poor health care.”

As a practicing physician for nearly two decades, Insurance Commissioner is a natural fit for Dr. Mahmood. After spending his career helping patients navigate insurance problems, he knows better than any other candidate what Californians go through when they have to deal with insurance companies.

Dr. Mahmood’s first priority will be to fix our healthcare system. He has pledged not to accept donations from insurance or pharmaceutical companies over the course of this campaign. In particular, he will ensure broader access to affordable mental healthcare, stand up against attacks on women’s health and reproductive care, and fight for every California child to have proper medical treatment – regardless of immigration status or pre-existing conditions. More than two million low-income California children and pregnant women depend the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but Donald Trump has proposed budget plans that massively cut the program, and GOP leaders are using CHIP funding as a political football. More than ever, we need an Insurance Commissioner who will stand up and advocate for our children.

Dr. Mahmood will also fight to make sure that Californians are able to get back on their feet after the devastating wildfires and mudslides this year, and will push to make sure that families, homes, and belongings are protected in the event of future disasters.

Dr. Mahmood’s story is like so many Californians’. As an immigrant from Pakistan, Dr. Mahmood moved to the U.S. to build a family and start his medical practice. He found a home in California, the state with the largest number of immigrants in this country. Dr. Mahmood will fight Donald Trump’s attacks on immigrants and stand up for all Californians – regardless of their immigration status — and will defend all of our communities against his discriminatory attacks.