Asif Mahmood For Insurance Commissioner

The physician, not the politician

I have based all my life’s work on a single principle taught to me by my parents: that helping others is our highest calling. As a physician I am proud to say that I have never charged a patient who didn't have insurance. I’m running for California Insurance Commissioner to bring quality health care to every Californian. I’ll take on Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies who are putting profits before people.


About Asif

Dr. Asif Mahmood is a Muslim immigrant from rural Pakistan. He has worked as a physician in California for nearly two decades and would be the first doctor and Muslim-American to serve as Insurance Commissioner. After years of watching politicians take large campaign contributions from big insurance and drug companies, he decided to get involved so the people of California would finally have an Insurance Commissioner who looks out for them instead of big business.

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Dr. Asif Mahmood supports a single-payer healthcare plan. As Insurance Commissioner, he will stand up to the Trump Administration to protect access to pregnancy, reproductive and maternity care, and support Planned Parenthood. He also understands that access to mental health coverage is vital to many families and he will work to ensure increased access for all Californians, particularly for those most at risk like first-responders. He'll also work to prepare the state for future disasters like flooding and wildfires so that Californians are protected and taken care of in the event of an emergency.

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Dr. Asif Mahmood is running for Insurance Commissioner to fight for California consumers. He is not taking contributions from the companies he would regulate, and is instead building a campaign powered by the people of California. Will you join his team by making a contribution today?


“"I am thrilled to announce my support for Dr. Asif Mahmood in his campaign for Insurance Commissioner. Dr. Mahmood is a career-long physician with unrivaled knowledge of the insurance industry and its problems. He will stand up to companies that are nickel-and-diming the people of Stockton and California."”

–Mayor of Stockton, Michael Tubbs


Dr. Asif Mahmood is proud to have the support of statewide leaders, members of U.S. Congress, legislators, mayors, city councilmembers, and activists around the state.

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